How To Troubleshoot Power Issues On A Lenovo Laptop?

Posted By Admin, 17 Aug 2018

No one likes facing a problem of discharging the battery of a laptop during a movie time or during his urgent work. Flow of work or enjoyment completely brakes during such situation. Are you also facing same problem on your Lenovo laptop? Don’t worry now, as reading this blog will solve your issue. Read the instructions mentioned-below and get the troubleshooting solutions.

Want to Reformat a Lenovo Laptop, Here is how?

Posted By Admin, 17 Aug 2018

Are you worried about the reformatting for a Lenovo Laptop? Check out the article. Reformatting the system gives a fresh start up to the system. Here you delete all the data from the hard drive, includes the operating system. Now window will not allow the user to format Discs or Discs Partitions which are in the running mode. It means you can’t reformat the system once it gets into the running mode. The main reason of it is; Lenovo laptops are only having 1 hard drive reformatting is the hard task within windows.

How to resolve the Bluetooth disconnection issue with Lenovo laptop?

Posted By Admin, 17 Aug 2018

The laptops of this enterprise are admired by several people across the world as it is resilient and pocket-friendly. Moreover, it has other attributes as well which makes the functioning easier and convenient for the users. It gives you the most upgraded features that will immensely delight the customers. One among them is of Bluetooth via which you can share your images or files within the range of 10m that can be connected with any device. At times, this creates a problem and hinders you from transferring data or sharing any information.

Issues in Lenovo laptop/desktop

  • Sluggish working of system
  • Screen flickers when turns on
  • Random shutting down of device
  • Battery quickly comes to an end
  • Keyboard not working properly
  • Black/blue screen of the laptop
  • Problem in installation of drivers
  • Error message is displayed on the screen.
  • Booting doesn’t take place
  • Ruckus in motherboard or hard drive
  • Computer is not getting charged